Underprivileged Program

Rolling Nicks Sport Foundation is planning to provide scholarships for deserving underprivileged children athletes for academic support, advanced sports training opportunities or advance team play.

RNSF committed to ensure that young people reach their maximum potential as student athletes without succumbing to the financial burdens that may impede their growth as a player.

Scholarship recipients are selected by a panel of community members and are awarded based upon the student athlete’s financial need, scholastic aptitude, athletic talent and athletic promise.

Recipients will also be those student athletes who values:

  • Academic Achievement.
  • Athletic excellence through hard work
  • Embody values of sportsmanship (e.g. fairness, equality, honor, respect, teamwork) in their lives as citizens.
  • Passion of their sport

Underprivileged Program for Kids

An innovative way of building life skills is through sports. RNSF – Underprivileged Program for Kids, is a customized programme that uses Squash Sports as a platform to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to grow into responsible and contributing members of the society.

Every Sports require and teach discipline, confidence, team-work, patience, tolerance, etc. which are essential components of life skills. Sports also help prevent children

from engaging in anti-social behaviour by navigating their energy into activities which are fun and productive.

RNSF – Underprivileged Program for Kids had conducted its first regular session in December 2017 in Pune independently, engaging with about 12 children from few schools and we hope to increase number of students to 50 soon and so on.

Problem Faced by Kids

Common problems faced by any underprivileged students is lack of money to get –

  • the sports & fitness equipment
  • the proper training
  • the access to the court
  • the Diet & Nutrition
  • the access to the tournament (at least junior level)

How We help

To overcome these problems face by students, We help them to –✓ access sports & fitness equipment
✓ get the Proper training
✓ access to the court
✓ get the Diet & Nutrition
✓ get the proper guidance and training to help them to play the tournament (organise event at their location)


RNSF – Squash Program for Underprivileged definitely requires some amounts as grants and funds in a very short span of time. Their major sources of financial support in the past were funds and donations made by family members and friendsOther difficulties have been the lack of funds and donations which limits the team of Underprivileged Program for providing kids to access to Court Room, Sports Gear/Accessories, Diet & Nutrition and Trainer and this also impacts their intentions of expanding their much appreciated work to a greater level.

Today, however, We are planning to working with few schools in Mumbai to engage with 50+ children. The programme has been greatly appreciated by few schools and there has been a positive feedback throughout, especially in terms of growth in class participation and academic interest of the children of the Partner Organizations of Underprivileged Program for Kids

Location: SquashZone, Thube ParkShivaji Nagar, Pune

Coach Appointed: Mr. Sairaj Marawar

Number of kids trained: 8

Owner of the venue: Mr. Yogesh Thube

Days and time: Mon-Fri, 13:00-15:00

Number of Location : 4

Expected Kids at each location : 40

Supported By

Monghibai Bhagwandas Moolchand Trust

Shah P J Kothari and Shah MVMVB School