About The Foundation

The Rolling Nicks Sports Foundation (RNSF) is a dedicated facility for growing the sport from the ground level. We provide all of the necessary elements of long-term athlete development including top coaching, dedicated court time, world-class fitness/training facilities and therapy/rehab services. RNSA aims to develop sports awareness and provide better facility to learn and play through coaching, events, etc.
We shall put all our efforts, expertise and work tidily in the same direction and support you in achieving their Mission.

Our Aim

"To identify talent and foster competitive spirit amongst the youngster by supporting them to prepare them for participation in International events. To enhance better working environment for our Professionals, who are the backbone of Sports and all the other sports In India.

Yoshna Singh felicitated for winning the Junior National 2018

Yoshna Singh makes India Proud

by winning the Scottish Junior Open, Edinburgh, Scotland

Yoshna Singh Makes History by Winning Second Consecutive National Title

Pune Girl Shines at Sub Junior National Squash Championship 2018. Yoshna Singh makes history by winning second consecutive National Title held at Jaipur from 28th Oct-3rd Nov 2018. "Believe to achieve"


  • Harish
    I have found the rolling Nicks Sports Foundation to be a fantastic and very enjoyable. I have made a considerable improvement during my stay at the Academy, the skills I have acquired have benefited my squash game. I would highly recommend it to any player looking to do the same.
  • Abhishek
    At the Academy hardwork, perseverance and determination are instilled combined with meticulous attention to professionalism. All crucial in bridging the gap from a competitive squash player to a professional
  • Vishal
    I have spent a total of five months at Rolling Nicks Sports Foundation. The time spent there was extremely beneficial in the development of my game. The environment Rolling Nicks is conducive to training, the members and staff are warm and welcoming to the Academy players.
  • Ambuj
    I’ve always loved playing squash, but after having lessons with Abhinav, it’s not only improved my game but made me appreciate the sport on a whole new level. I’m now thinking a lot more on and off the court, and getting a lot more out of my practice hits. Abhinav’s coaching has gotten me to focus on game-play, strategy and mental toughness while also developing my racket-skills and fitness. After having little change to my matrix in the past few years, the coaching sessions with Abhinav have seen a significant shift upwards and I’m driven to still push the bar higher. I would absolutely recommend Abhinav for anyone looking to take their game to another level, while also learning more about the game, and how the top players do what they do so well.
  • Sourav Verma
    I want to express a big THANK YOU to the Rolling Nicks Sports Foundation.  I had an excellent time with all the members of RNSF.  It was indeed an honor to see how unified, organized, and such a blessing your volunteers and staff are to every veteran including myself.  We were all able to do all the activities despite our injuries.  We all had an extremely fun time.
    Sourav Verma
  • Aman Sharma
    We are very proud to be associated with RollingNicks in their endeavour, they are doing an excellent job and have all possible support from us
    Aman Sharma


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